Our Bakery Ingredients


Pakmaya Instant Dry Yeast (Turkey) can be used in the production of various fermented products. All kinds of breads, buns and fermented pastry products are typical examples of applications. Pakmaya Instant Dry Yeast is suited for both traditional and industrial baking processes. Sunny trading company ensure maximum quality, gentle handling and high degree of end product purity. We can supply complete lines for almost all type of yeast based food ingredients.

Bread Improver

A bread improver (Malaysia) is a coherent, balanced combination of baking ingredients chosen from among various manufacturing aids and raw ingredients (both cereal-based and other), mixed together in an appropriate formula. Bread improvers boost dough enhancer and reinforce tolerance during the different manufacturing stages. They make the work safer and simplify production, enabling bakers to prepare quality, standardized end products. This gives consumers the benefit of a product that is as attractive to the eye as it is to the palate and that retains the mark of the baker’s expertise

Calcium Propionate

Calcium propionate (China) is the most commonly used bread preservative globally. It is an effective growth inhibitor of most molds and some bacteria. It is widely employed in bread and other yeast-based bakery goods to prevent mold and rope formation and to extend their normal shelf life. In addition, calcium propionate is preferred in rolls and bread because it contributes to the nutritional enrichment by supplying calcium. However, the calcium ions of calcium propionate interfere with the chemical leavening agents therefore SP (sodium propionate) is suggested for non-yeast leaved bakery products. Calcium propionate are easy to handle and to incorporate into flour.

Cake Gel

Cake gel (Malaysia) is a specially designed improver for producing superior quality cakes and butter cakes with increased volume and finer crumb structure. It is made from a blend of two emulsifiers and both are of vegetable origin. Cake gels have structure-adding benefits and give a soft, light texture. The finished cake will have a fine and regular crumb structure and a nice, even surface. Stabilizing the batter during baking, and the baked cake during cooling, results in a more reliable baking process. This ensures consistent quality and the same delicious result time after time.

Cake Premix

We all have those times in life that are super busy and we need a little shortcut. Baking can even be one of those things we need a shortcut with. Though we love to bake and enjoy the process of putting everything together for a wonderful cake, there are times that we just want to grab a mix out of the pantry and have part of process already done. This cake mix is perfect for those days! Cake Premixes (Malaysia) are the ideal treat for the sweet tooth baker looking to create the perfect cake for a party celebration.

Flavor Emulco

Good quality food flavor (Malaysia) is able to assist to enhance greater taste of any kind of food and beverage. Due to the importance of utilizing high quality food flavors for food production, Sunny Trading Company has make every effort to cater to our customers the highest quality food flavoring. We sort the best substances and ingredients in our food flavor preparation followed by adopting the most sophisticated machinery in our supplier production line. Today, we believe that at times to come, our company will be expanding our business network to exporting our products to more Cities all over Bangladesh.

Food Color

The idea is simple enough: Food colors (Malaysia) are added to food to change their color and appearance often to help consumers find them more appealing. Coloring compounds can be natural compounds, man-made dry that has been shown to be safe to add to foods, or full extracts of foods or herbs that are added for their color properties. Expert has long known that color play a crucial role in the taste and perception of food. Alongside flavor and texture, color is considered by food scientists to be a major quality factor of food.


Menara Margarine (Indonesia) is a multipurpose economical margarine. It has fruity butter flavour and good creaming properties that make it suitable for general bakery application and cream filling. Best for sweet bread, cake, cookies, roll cake, and multipurpose cream filling (bread cream filling and buttercream).


Palmvita Butter Oil Substitute; The smell is
really good, Suitable for cookies, biscuits, sponge cakes etc. The results are soft and fragrant for wet cakes. For pastries, the results are more crispy.

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